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One of the most popular photo blogs in Central Europe. Even complicated things can be explained and performed simply...

About photography and motivation for photographers and most importantly, about simplicity in the world of photography :)


Why read boring manuals and complicated articles when there are simple instructions with which you can learn to shoot properly literally in a few days? Josef has taught thousands of photographers and will teach you too.

12 years experience of lecturing in photography

10 years experience as a professional photographer

author of the most widely read photography e-book in Europe

author of the most successful online training course for photographers in Europe

over 10,000 photographers worldwide have purchased his online courses already

he can explain even the most complex concepts with absolute ease and simplicity

So this was the best course so far, unreal how easily I understood it all! I’ve also tried shooting in manual mode and compared these shots with automatically shot ones. Bingo! Results are so much better in manual mode! My return on investment has now multiplied.
Vojtěch Bellus
I hesitated a little to purchase the course and went for it at the very last minute. I have several segments behind me now and I must say it is superb, very understandable, no technical terminology to confuse the budding photographer....I've tried out some of your tips and it truly does work like you say. I’m simply elated.
Vaclav Barta
It’s not my custom to shed praise, but there’s no other way. Thank you for the time spent teaching me. I regret neither a minute nor a single penny. In just a few hours with you, people can learn more than at expensive workshops by large businesses.
Rosta Kutej
Josef, you have inspired me immensely. I agree with your philosophy and thinking. I’m just starting out, it’s clear what I must do and you’ve led me in the right direction...when there's a will there’s a way.
Pavel Vecerek
After a few videos, I knew that I would not regret a penny. This course taught me a lot. He taught me to set up my camera, understand its functions and to be able to gear up in any situation. He taught me to edit photos so that I get even more enjoyment out of them as I did before. Information itself is mere information. A lot depends on how it is disseminated. In this course, it was disseminated perfectly. I definitely recommend it to beginners and the advanced alike, basically anyone wanting to learn to shoot or already does, and who is hungry to experience greater joy from photography than ever before.
Lenka Chudiakova