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Protecting your data is vital to me and thus fully carried out in strict accordance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). My goal is to help you as much as possible on your path to becoming a photographer. To advance you as quickly and easily as can befall this, of course, is subject to your consent.

I will therefore process personal data for the following purposes:

So I could help you with what you adore so much...photography
So I could inform you about my online courses, e-books and other products of mine.
What personal information do I need to effectively help you on your photography journey?

I need your e-mail address and name, and I will make notes of what you like to shoot and what level you are at. That’s so I can help with exactly what you want.

How am I going to use your information so I can help you in the world of photography?

I will send you e-mails with photographic instructions and procedures I’ve picked up over my 10 years experience in professional photography, and I’ll inform you via e-mails about my online photo training courses and e-books.

Using data segmentation, I make sure you receive at the right time just the right information so my assistance would be the most effective.

Using cookies (short text files stored on your computer), I'll then inform you on social networks about all the latest (a new article, advantageous entry to a course, a new e-book).

Your information is safe!

Your information will never be provided to third parties. Just like you, I hate spam, so all my e-mails contain a link to unsubscribe. This is in case you no longer want to receive any more messages from me.

Who exactly collects your information?

My company, Tereza Křenová registered seat at Strašice 406, 338 45 Strašice, Czech republic, Corporate no.: 08508089.

If you use the unsubscribe link or by writing to info@josefcvrcek.pt that you no longer wish to receive any more messages, your personal data will be permanently deleted.

How long will I collect your personal data?

There are people who enjoy taking pictures all their life and want to constantly get better at it. For a year or two or even ten years. Conversely, a number of photographers stop taking pictures after a few months or years. I cannot guess to which group you yourself may belong. Maybe you too have no idea :)

Therefore, I will collect your information until you unsubscribe. I want my articles, instructions, tips, training courses and e-books to help you for just as long as you wish.