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General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Complaints Procedure

I. Introductory Provisions

By purchasing online educational courses, e-books or other products on the web www.josefcvrcek.pt, both Client and Provider confirm their respective obligations to comply with these Terms and Conditions of Sale (“GTCS”).These GTCS are an integral part of Electronic Purchase Orders and purchase agreements of an educational product concluded remotely between Provider and Client.

The subject of purchase is a product of intellectual property rights, therefore any distribution or provision to third parties without Provider's consent is prohibited. By concluding a purchase agreement, Client accepts that any use of the information from the training materials, and successes or failures resulting from this, are only in the hands of the user, and Provider accepts no responsibility thereof.

II. Basic terminology:

Provider of online training courses and e-books is Josef Cvrček (“Provider”) 

Tereza Křenová

Strašice 406, 338 45 Czech republic

Corporate number: 08508089, TAX ID; CZ9158262289

Website: www.josefcvrcek.cpt

e-mail: info@josefcvrcek.pt

Client means the legal entity or natural person which or who has ordered and purchased or leased an online training product offered by Provider at www.josefcvrcek.pt (“Client”).

Training Course means any of the following training courses: How to Shoot Photos and Set up Your Camera, Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop, Photo Editing in Zoner, Photo Editing in Gimp, The Joy of Photography, How to Take Top Portraits, Magic in the Studio and Interior, Uncompromising Landscape Photography, and Marketing for Photographers.

E-book means any of the following electronic books: How to Photograph Correctly, How to Photograph Weddings.

Electronic Purchase Order means the completion and submission of an electronic form for ordering an online educational product on the Website www.josefcvrcek.pt, Client confirms by sending the Electronic Purchase Order that he/she/it is familiar with these GTCS and accepts without reservations all provisions therein, in their current wording, on the day of sending the Electronic Purchase Order. Client undertakes to submit true and complete information in the electronic form. Every Electronic Purchase Order must contain:  

Client’s first and last name or company name
Client's permanent address or company headquarters 
E-mail address
Telephone number 
Name of training course
Price for an individual training course and total price 
Payment method
I agree with the GTCS

All received Electronic Purchase Orders are considered a proposal for concluding a purchase agreement of educational courses and are not considered binding.

Acceptance of Provider’s proposal for concluding a purchase agreement occurs on the date of payment of the full purchase price by Client, and by electronic confirmation of receipt by Provider. A remote purchase agreement is thereby established between Provider and Client.

Price the total price indicated in the Electronic Purchase Order.  The prices listed on the Website www.josefcvrcek.pt apply exclusively.

GTCS are these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which form an integral part of the Electronic Purchase Order and thereby, of the remotely concluded Purchase Agreement. These GTCS are published on the Provider’s Website (www.josefcvrcek.pt).

III. Purchase Order and concluding the Purchase Agreement

1. Client declares that he/she/it has become familiar with all the information regarding the Electronic Purchase Order found at www.josefcvrcek.pt.

2. Client orders the subject of agreement (educational product) by completing an Electronic Purchase Order form via the Websitewww.josefcvrcek.pt. Client is obliged to check the completed Electronic Purchase Order before sending and make any necessary corrections.

3. By sending the Electronic Purchase Order, Client  confirms that he/she/it has become familiar with these GTCS for purchasing on the Website www.josefcvrcek.pt and agrees with them. 

4. After sending the Electronic Purchase Order, Client shall receive a pro-forma invoice for payment of the given training course or e-book.

IV. Price and payment method

1. The current prices of educational products are listed on Provider’s Website www.josefcvrcek.pt and in the summary of the Electronic Purchase Order.

2. Provider shall make out an invoice (tax certificate) for Client immediately after payment. Client shall receive the invoice electronically by e-mail.

3. Payment options:
Online by payment card. Payment by card is performed through the payment service provider Stripe and PayPal.

V. Delivery Terms

1. All these educational products are distributed exclusively online. When full payment of the Electronic Purchase Order is received, Client shall immediately have a member account set up, and access data shall be sent to him/her/it to the email address specified in the Electronic Purchase Order. Client can access the course anytime, anywhere via his/her/its account. 

2. Access to all online educational products is not time-bound. If for any reason Provider interrupts its operations and ceases to operate its Website, through which Client acquires its access to online products, provider is foremost obliged to allow Client to download all the products to his/her/its disk.

3. Access to the user account is secured by a user name and password.
Client is obliged to maintain confidentiality over information essential for access to his/her/its user account, and acknowledges that Provider bears no liability for breach of this obligation by Client.

4. Client is not authorized to provide login information to third parties or in any other way disseminate other education courses. 
Provider’s Websites may be updated without notice. 

VI. Termination of Agreement

1. Provider provides for its products a promise of satisfaction and a 100% money-back guarantee. 

2. When ordering an online educational product or e-book, Client has the right to withdraw from the agreement without providing any reasons  within 30 days of ordering the product. Withdrawal can be performed electronically to the e-mail:  info@josefcvrcek.pt  with the statement that Client is withdrawing from the remote agreement, attaching the invoice and stating the account number where Client wants to have the paid amount returned. Client shall receive a credit note for the amount indicated on the original invoice. Said amount shall be returned within 30 days from valid withdrawal from the agreement to Client's bank account. 

3. After withdrawing from the agreement, Client’s access to the Member Section shall be canceled and Client shall relinquish its right to obtain and use bonuses purchased along with online training courses.

VII. Personal Data Protection

1. Declaration of Provider: Provider undertakes to fully respect the confidentiality of Client's personal data and/or corporate data, which shall be protected against unauthorized access, and misuse shall be prevented. The data provided shall not be disclosed to third parties. The data entered by Client in the Electronic Purchase Order is necessary for his/her/its identification. It is used for the implementation of the entire transaction, including the necessary accounting operations, issue of tax certificates, identification of cashless payments and communication with Client.

2. Provider undertakes to protect personal data entrusted to it and to act in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on personal data protection and on amendment to certain acts.

3. Client grants consent to Provider to send out information about upcoming events and its products.

VIII. Closing Provisions

1. These Terms and Conditions of Sale come into effect on 15 June 2020. Information is communicated via the Website www.josefcvrcek.pt, or other information channels.

2. Provider reserves the right to change the content of these Terms and Conditions of Sale. Each new version of these Terms and Conditions of Sale is available on the Website www.josefcvrcek.pt and marked by their effective date. All purchase orders are always governed by the latest version of the Terms and Conditions of Sale.